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Digital Security Systems

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Digital Security Systems

Redcube Systems provides cost-effective turnkey CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems designed to meet your specific requirements for surveillance, image clarity and event documentation. We combine the latest technology in Video Management Systems from building custom, high-end server storage solutions to NVRs (Network Video Recorders), and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) with IP cameras to design a solution to meet your surveillance needs and budget.

Redcube provides systems utilizing the world's finest technology such as Bosch, Mobotix, Arecont, Axis, IQinvision, Sony, Panasonic, and Flir. Using the most advanced technology, we blueprint systems that enable viewing, recording, and archiving of video images of your environment in all lighting and weather conditions.

Redcube seamlessly integrates software and hardware enabling high-quality, real-time video, and communications over wide-area network IP connections. We provide fully managed digital video solutions that provide on-demand viewing of live or archived video via direct connection through the Internet through the use of advanced compression software.

Through existing or new closed circuit television camera (CCTV) infrastructure, Vision offers full camera control plus secure and simultaneous viewing of video by authorized users. Connection capability is supported over DSL, ISDN, Internet, WAN, or TCP/IP local area networks. A single static IP address is required for remote access through the Internet. Vision's surveillance systems feature fixed and portable remote receiving stations with real-time access using either PC or notebook computers from anywhere in the world. You can record, communicate, and view actual events as they occur in high-resolution video.

With Redcube systems, surveillance networks can be operated from a central control room or any remote location. Software enables the user to survey images from any camera on a network in any combination. Vision allows organizations to coordinate all surveillance from their headquarters or a central point.

Our Approach and Benefits

Redcube Team approaches our clients' security concerns from a solutions perspective. We intently listen to our clients and offer suggestions and alternatives in the latest systems with the latest technologies. From a small two-camera system to an enterprise-level, fully integrated security system, Redcube's design build team guides you step-by-step through the process. We begin by carefully surveying the site(s) and do a risk assessment based on our customers concerns and requests.

Our security Engineering team designs a cost-effective system to fit all budgets that will provide room for growth and expansion as well as upgrading, whether it's a traditional analog system or Full IP based, Redcube has the solution


Redcube Systems video analytics provide comprehensive, in-depth solutions to tailor your video capture needs to specific, relevant-only data that provides detailed threat analysis notification to security personnel. Our solutions enable you to record on motion, define specific areas, identify license plates or specific vehicle characteristics, recognize faces, and record events leading up to a given movement.

Every system is tailored to your specific environment by factory-trained technicians. Automatic lens/iris features enable cameras to self-adjust to changing light conditions throughout the day. For interactive surveillance, Redcube provides pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Day/night cameras automatically switch between color and black and white to render the clearest images possible in low-light conditions. Thermal imaging cameras are available to detect animate objects at great distances in complete darkness.


Redcube's IP Security Systems Engineers understand the intricacies of networks and video systems and can address your digital video storage challenges. Our engineers develop cost effective, scalable network attached storage solutions that incorporate: lower resource requirements for system maintenance personnel, one centralized digital video processor, cost effective green solutions, fully and simplified scalability for escalating expansion and growth requirements

Access Control/ Security

Redcube Systems provides cost-effective turnkey Access Control Systems designed to meet your specific requirements for enabling authority to control access to areas and resources in a given physical facility or computer-based information system. Managed Access Control can provide personnel tracking, image verification, employee information, and event documentation. These systems can also be used to enforce policies, limiting users to specifically authorized actions and data. Virtually any door can be retrofitted with a locking system specific to an end users requirements.

From Traditional Access Systems to Smart Access Systems, Redcube can provide Access Control, Alarm Monitoring, Digital Video, Intrusion Detection, Asset Tracking, Information, Security Integration, Credential Production, and Employee and Visitor Management functionality. Individual application modules are available as standalone systems or can be deployed in any combination to deliver a single, seamlessly integrated solution. Redcube team can help you assess your facilities utilizing Risk Management Consulting and assist you in determining the level of Security your facility requires. This process helps to enable you to achieve an Access Control System right for your company and within your budget.

Our Approach & Benefits

Redcube's security management integrates access control, video surveillance and alarm monitoring with information technology to provide you with peace of mind. We offer systems to meet requirements of businesses of all sizes, from simple systems for just a few doors to systems with enterprise requirements. All of our systems are designed to meet your needs to:
  • Protect your assets with high-level building and property security
  • Protect your employees from unwelcome intruders
  • Restrict unauthorized access to the places and during the times you specify
  • Provide an audit trail of who is accessing your facility and when
  • Eliminate problems with mechanical key and lock systems through electronic access

Visitor Management System

Through Visitor Management services, Redcube is able to accurately, effectively, and surreptitiously track the usage of a public building or site. In many organizations, visitors entering a 'secure' building, facility or campus are able to gain access by simply writing their name in a visitor log book. With today's security concerns, this outdated practice lacks security and yields data that is incomplete, often difficult to read, and always impossible to analyze.

Moreover, confidential information about recent visitors is readily available to all who flip through the pages. In contrast, a visitor management system can gather increasing amounts of information and record facility usage by specific visitor and provide documentation of the visitor's whereabouts. Because a visitor management system provides a record of building use, these systems are frequently used to complement building security and access control systems.

Computer Visitor Management Systems

Basic electronic visitor management systems use a computer network to monitor and record visitor information. More sophisticated systems add photo ID capability, database searching, automatic door access and other functions.

An electronic visitor management system elevates visitor tracking and eliminates the problems associated with unsecure guest books. Visitor ID can be checked against national and local databases, as well as in-house databases for potential security problems. Many visitor management systems feature searchable visitor information databases. Photo ID cards can be custom printed for one-time only or continuing use. Swipe cards speed the security screening process.

Visitor Management Software

Several desktop-based visitor management software applications are available. These applications typically consist of three fundamental components: visitor registration, visitor badge printing, and reporting functionality. Some applications are capable of automatically capturing visitor information directly from a visitor's driver license, passport or other government issued identification document

Card Access

In physical security, access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. Physical access control can be achieved by a human (a guard, bouncer, or receptionist), through mechanical means such as locks and keys, or through technological methods such as access control systems like the access control vestibule.

Physical access control is a matter of who, where, and when. An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit, where they are allowed to exit or enter, and when they are allowed to enter or exit. Traditionally, access was restricted through keys and locks. However, mechanical locks and keys do not restrict the key holder to entry at specific times or dates or record the key used on any specific door. Additionally, keys can be easily duplicated or transferred to an unauthorized person. When a mechanical key is lost or the key holder is no longer authorized to use the protected area, the locks must be rekeyed.

Electronic access control eliminates the limitations of mechanical locks and keys through use of three types of authenticating information:
  • Keypads using a password or a code
  • Access Card such as smart card or a proximity card
  • Biometrics such as a fingerprint or iris recognition, verified by biometric measurement
When the proper authenticating information is presented, the electronic access control system grants access; doors will unlock for a predetermined period, and the transaction will be recorded. When access is denied, the door will remain locked and the attempted access will be recorded. The system also monitors the door and alarm should the door be forced open or remain open too long after authorized access.

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