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Our Success


Go Green

Improve energy efficiency. Reduce cooling costs. Cut jobsite waste. With Redcube Systems LLC, going green is easy!

At Redcube, we work to protect the environment both inside and outside our offices. We promote internal sustainability initiatives throughout our facilities and offer world-class business solutions to our customers. Redcube engineers deliver our IT Services and understand know that "green" is not optional--it must be integrated into each technology solution. We incorporate energy conservation and sustainability as focal points of our consulting, design and assurance practices. And it's why we have actively involved in planning, designing and testing solutions that are environmentally friendly, highly reliable and cost-effective.

Our commitment to energy and sustainability innovation is embodied in LEED-recognized solutions--we aim to exceed compliance while reducing operating costs and minimizing carbon footprints. Redcube works to continually innovate and optimize our processes and solution designs. This innovation cycle ranges from regular refresh of design standards for data center power and cooling systems to developing ideas and concepts for next-generation technology.

Our wire and cable management systems may help contribute to LEED project certification and support green building practices through:

A systems approach
  • LEED materials credits
  • Recycled-content materials
  • Local/regional manufacturing of materials
  • Reduced construction waste
  • Site and installation benefits
  • Reduced cable and packaging waste
  • Bulk packaging to reduce trash
In addition, Redcube offers videoconferencing and telepresence solutions that enable communication with your audience anywhere in the world on a moment's notice. Videoconferencing is one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by eliminating unnecessary travel. With telepresence and videoconferencing, all companies can reduce their environmental impacts and advance business goals with:
  • Telecommuting
  • Access to remote experts
  • Global meetings
  • Customer briefing centers
  • Distance learning
  • HR recruiting
  • Real-time collaboration.

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